LP Elements Performance Fencing

Weather Tested. Life Tested. Performance Tested.

LP Elements® Performance Fencing is one of the most important innovations in the privacy fence market in decades, offering greater durability than wood and a better looking aesthetic than vinyl. LP Elements fencing is tested in parts of the United States with extreme weather so it can be life tested in backyards virtually anywhere.

Stands out from the competition. Stands up in harsh conditions.

Testing shows that LP Elements® fencing offers outstanding impact resistance—better than cedar and vinyl—which means it stands up better to everyday bumps and airborne storm debris. For specific product information, view our LP Elements Brochure.

How is LP Elements® fencing different?

Engineered Wood
LP Elements fencing is the only engineered wood fence on the market. No other fencing product offers the low maintenance of vinyl with the durability and rich grain texture of softwoods like redwood, cedar and cypress.
Extreme Tested
LP Elements fencing has been put through a battery of extreme weather tests from Hawaii to the Florida Keys.
Consistent Dimensions
LP Elements fencing comes in consistently cut full 6? wide pickets and quality boards. Pickets are available in 6' and 8' options.
Elements Fence Warranty
10-Year Limited Warranty

You’re backed by a warranty from the leading provider of high-performance building solutions. To register for your warranty, click here.

Weather tested in our backyard. Life tested in yours.

We turned parts of the United States into one giant backyard to test LP Elements fencing.
Portland, OR
Testing Sites
Portland, OR
Phoenix, AZ
Hilo, HI
Kansas City, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Nashville, TN
Charlotte, NC
Long Key, FL
Homestead, FL
York, PA
US Map

Extreme Weather Tests

High-Velocity Hurricane Wind Zone

Tested against winds exceeding 200 MPH, Exposure D; meets Miami-Dade and Broward County wind-load requirements, the only wood fence to do so.

Damaging Hail and High Impacts
Outperforms cedar and vinyl when tested against 1.75” hail, rocks, and baseballs up to 84 mph.
Extreme UV
Punishing UV and Heat
Tested to show performance vs. concentrated UV in Arizona; maintains integrity vs. splintering, cracking and warping; no paint peeling under extreme sun.

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The Atlas Collection

Our Atlas Collection of seven prefinished colors is inspired by extreme weather testing sites, from Key Largo Surf to Hilo Ash, and has a natural-looking wood-grain finish. LP Elements fencing helps homeowners save time and money by removing the need to stain the fence every few years.

Available Colors
Mojave Ridge
Mojave Ridge
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Antiquarian Brown SW 0045
Prairie Sand
Prairie Sand
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Saucy Gold SW 6370
Carolina Cedar
Carolina Cedar
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Copper Mountain SW 6356
Portland Storm
Portland Storm
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Studio Clay SW 9172
Special Order Colors
Hilo Ash*
Hilo Ash*
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Caviar SW 6990
Michigan Mist*
Michigan Mist*
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? Sensible Hue SW 6198
Key Largo Surf*
Key Largo Surf*
Coordinating Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams ? High Reflective White SW 7757
Mojave Ridge

*Please place special orders for Hilo Ash, Michigan Mist, and Key Largo Surf. Color variations shown in printed / electronic formats might deviate from the actual colors used.
Use the Sherwin Williams code to color match with other paint manufacturers.

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